The Ferruccio Milanesi Tailoring & Creative Innovation

At Ferruccio Milanesi, dozens of master tailors from the South of Italy create the most sophisticated and elegant handmade suits. They incorporate Neapolitan traditional and contemporary stitching techniques and craftsmanship to produce remarkable and elegant suits that bring pure bliss to the wearer in the highest level of sartorial excellence. Exclusive fabrics have always been fundamental to the bespoke tailoring tradition. We strive to offer the most exclusive and rarest fabrics for our high-end handmade suits which are suitable for any occasion. Our rare fabrics and soft and lightweight, making the wearer comfortable – along with being visually impressive.Our exclusive fabrics, include some of the rarest and most prestigious varieties which are woven utilizing the best and most sophisticated techniques. Our fine, elegant and soft luxury wool fabrics include Super 210s (a rare fiber that measures just 13.2 microns) for our suits. We also offer you a special collection of exclusive and light cashmere fabrics for our Vancouver handmade suits including “baby cashmere.” This is the softest downy fiber that is produced when Mongolian and Tibetan goatherds first comb the hair from their young animals; the weight is lighter than 230 gr/m and similar to Vicuna wool