The concept is a result of thirty-two years of passion, love, and mastery artwork. Every moment was a call for a new exclusive creation for individuals to create and improve their style and wardrobe with an entirely handcrafted bespoke suiting, unique accessories, and educating the professionals to build and use their wardrobe with efficiency. We believe in the simplicity of elegance, and an elegant person should always find the proper clothes in their wardrobe to suit any occasion. Challenging with professional's wardrobe and consulting one-on-one over thousands of professionals and understanding their pain and problems drove us to create a unique menswear concept to help professionals to improve their wardrobe with maximum efficiency. The concept is designed to deliver a unique style, proper fit, tangible value, and timeless products. Because we steel believe in hand craftsmanship and exclusivity because the only way to provide tangible value and luxury services. Ferruccio Milanese's "sartorial concept" is tailored to serve the customers in one-on-one with the assistance of master tailor, stylist, and men's body shape experts.


Data collected from over 4000 customers shows that most of the professionals buy clothing and accessories for their wardrobe without having a clear plan for their purchases. We find it extremely important to educate our customers to build their wardrobe professionally, avoid purchasing the wrong products, reduce the wardrobe cost, and have a proper fit with a unique and high-quality product. Ferruccio Milanesi experts are paying great attention to the in-depth consultation, our stylist, master tailor, and men's body shape expert meeting in one on one with every customer and going true every single detail and explaining necessary information all about fit, construction, the craftsmanship of the clothing and accessories, and style. We proudly announce that Our products are not available for sale without consultation of customers online as well as offline.


Identifying and creating the Style is the most essential for every suit wearer, most importantly for professionals. One of the critical issues most of the Gentlemen's still facing is building their wardrobe without identifying or creating their Style. Ferruccio Milanesi's stylist and wardrobe experts help to identify and create your unique Style and blueprint of the wardrobe based on your body shape, income, Job, health, social life, traveling, and body behaviors ( The Style which representing your personality). Determining the "style" means you will have a clear plan for your outfit and wardrobe. You will have a clear idea, such as the number of suits, jackets, shoes, accessories you need for your wardrobe. Also, you will know the shape and design of the clothing and accessories the best represents you. Creating your Style before building the wardrobe and investing for tangible and unique products will help you to save money and time.


Ferruccio Milanesi experts specialized in creating an individual's unique style and their wardrobe blueprint. During the first consultation, The expert team identifies a clear pattern of individual's style, type, and quantity level of the products they will need for their wardrobe by taking into consideration an individual's job, personality, health, climate, and body behavior. In the main while, Ferruccio Milanesi experts evaluating customers existing wardrobe and migrating all right products into newly created wardrobe continents and creating a database of the products to have full control over the wardrobe. This way, we can manage every new purchase to be in our guideline" Blueprint."


Ferruccio Milanesi experts are creating virtual wardrobe data of customers to manage their wardrobe better and help them online as well as offline effectively.


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We dedicated to keeping the handcrafts tradition alive for those who appreciate handcrafted artisanal suiting and accessories. We are a big believer in the handmade sartorial tradition because the only way to deliver tangible value.

Each garment is made entirely by hand in the Ferruccio Milanesi Ateliers in Naples and Calabria. Over 25,000 brilliant hand-stitches, one stitch at a time, forming the base of the Milanesi unique suits, entirely handcrafted garments by Neapolitan master tailors. Each of these mastery created suits takes over 50 hours, and one tailor does the work from beginning to the end with passion and love for the best outcome. We are using up to 11.2 micron or pure baby cashmere fabrics for realizing the masterpiece with a unique value. Ferruccio Milanesi master tailors dedicated to performing absolute perfection to deliver tangible value for customers.

The philosophy of Ferruccio Milanesi built on the exclusivity and luxury of the clothing and accessories. We believe exclusive products increases confidence, and confidence drives to self-esteem, and self -esteem is essential for success.

The luxury experience is not to buy expensive products from the shelves or buy online so-called "designer" products, which made tons of the same products, and everyone has access to the same products. True luxury is when you see several experts creating unique products for you, beginning from the way meeting you, consulting, planning, creation, and crafting exclusive products. You will start to feel the true luxury products and services and experience and feel it.

Creating and identifying the authentic style of an individual is the most crucial step for creating a unique style, proper fit, and adequate wardrobe. After an in-depth consultation by Ferruccio Milanesi stylist, master tailor, and men's body shape expert is refine the individual's unique style taking into consideration individual's job, income, social life, and activity.

Neapolitan shoulder ‘’ spalla camicia,’’ Neapolitan shoulder construction is an exclusive signature of Italian luxury sartorial tailoring future. To create such unique craftsmanship need a Highly experienced master tailor. Ferruccio Milanesi master tailors not only specialized in Neapolitan shoulder construction for their bespoke suiting; they also developed new techniques to implement this future in its Sartorial ready-to-wear for the first time in Ready to wear history.

Proper wardrobe starting from purchasing the right products, and this is not happening with the actual retail market because of the lack of the limited time of salespeople allocating for each customer and also their interest in selling the products. Ferruccio Milanesi is proudly serving every customer one-on-one, consulting them in depth before selling any product. Every product purchased should have its history behind and must work in harmony with all other existing clothing and accessories in the current wardrobe.

Exclusive fabrics always have been fundamental to the Neapolitan bespoke tradition. Ferruccio Milanesi is manufacturing each style of fabrics in a limited quantity to create a maximum of one to six suits worldwide. Developing such unique fabrics requires a superfine cashmere and excellent wool fiber like vicuna wool, developing up to 11.2-micron fabrics utilizing the most sophisticated woven techniques. Hundreds of exclusive and precious fabrics from windowpane to pinstripe and glen plaid are available in a wide variety of patterns and colors.

The philosophy of Ferruccio Milanesi built on exclusivity and luxury. We believe exclusive products increases confidence, and confidence drives to self-esteem, and self -esteem is essential for success.

Tangible Value Craftsmanship Exclusivity Luxury experiences Unique style Soft shoulder One on one customer service Exclusive fabrics Confidence